Earth Restoration Alliance (ERA) was created as a result of the 1992 United Nations Rio Earth Summit. The organization was founded to preserve, reclaim, restore, and regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity with a focus on the ecological sustainability of human systems.

It has become evident in recent years, that climate change is the umbrella issue of our time. The climate crisis will affect every system on this planet—no species, no habitat, no community will be spared. As a result, Earth Restoration Alliance acquired a DBA of “eraGlobal Alliance” to more accurately reflect the broader scope of the organization’s work.

The focus of eraGlobal Alliance is to promote solutions to climate change. Projects include advancing renewable energy solutions, the protection and preservation of biodiversity, public awareness campaigns, gathering stakeholders and leaders in conversation, and mobilizing constituencies to engage in action.

During the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Ranney who served as Founder and President of American Wildlands chaired a meeting on Restoration Strategies, which included representatives from over twenty countries. Out of that discussion, an idea evolved for a national and international youth conservation corps and Earth Restoration Alliance was created in order to implement it.

In late 2011, it was determined eraGlobal Alliance would be established in order to carry forward both the domestic and international work of its principals, as non-profit status is the most suitable organizational structure for the work and passions of the principals.